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Umbratonois the result of the project "Contemporary Bach" by the clarinetist Antonio Rosales and recorder player Sylvia Hinz, director of XelmYa Berlin Trio (recorder, violin and cello). In March 2012 the four musicians gathered in Berlin to carry out a project that involved selections of "Art of the Fugue" by Johann Sebastian Bach with the premiere of two works by Mexican and German composers. As a result of this fusion, Sylvia Hinz and Antonio Rosales decided to found the Duo UMBRATONO to further promote the music of the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach and contemporary music in Europe and Latin America. The name of the ensemble refers to the color umbra (umber) of the earth which we want to express in sounds. The term Umbra also refers to the shadow when an object blocks the direct sunlight. The music of UMBRATONO draws upon the music that remains darkened out of the glow of contemporary or early music, but expects to shine out in sounds to the audience. The early and contemporary music have this duality that UMBRATONO wants to express on stage.