gLOWs duo - music connects

Wednesday, 2 March 2022 at 20:30

Panteion University, Athens, Greece

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Sylvia Hinz
Music Connects the Onassis Stegi and the Panteion University vol. 7
Wednesday 2 March 2022
gLOWs duo
Sylvia Hinz: recorders, Paetzold recorders
George Kokkinaris: double bass
Charlotte Seither (b. 1965, DE), “Tell it or shout” (2014)**, duet for one string and one woodwind instrument ad libitum
Filippos Raskovic (b. 1994, GR/SRB), “merely reflect” (2022)*, for double bass, recorders, and Paetzold recorders, an ONASSIS STEGI commission to gLOWs duo
Anestis Logothetis (1921-1994, GR/AT), “Labyrinthos” (1965), for free-form ensemble
Tina Pearson (CA), “Aegean Dark” (2014/2020), for free-form ensemble
Commissions of new works, young musicians and premieres, a double bass recorder producing deep vibrations, and Iannis Xenakis listening το Ravel’s piano and welcoming Spring with a Zyia.
The project “Music connects the ONASSIS STEGI and the Panteion University” brings together the two institutions for the seventh consecutive year. Following the online 2020 version, due to the pandemic, we come back to live performances with a program where wind instruments have a major role, while we also celebrate the 100th anniversary of Iannis Xenakis’s birth (1922-2001).
We will listen how the composer encompassed material derived from Greek traditional music, but also how he applied the mathematical game theory using the brass instruments' sound. A new generation of composers pays tribute to his memory, through techniques that expand his thinking, but also with unexpected fusions between Xenakian fragments, classical compositions, and electronic sounds.